I am Pro-Life!  I will vote against taxpayer funding of abortions and for organizations that provide abortion services. As a legislator I was endorsed by Arkansas Right to Life and helped secure funding for Loving Choices crises pregnancy center.

I support the traditional definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Religious Freedom
I will fight to defend the 1st Amendment rights of Arkansans to freely exercise their religious beliefs without interference or intimidation from the government.  This right is guaranteed to individuals, not just religious organziations as implied by the actions of the federal government.

Second Amendment
I will not negotiate the people's right to keep and bear arms.  Years of experience has clearly shown that when citizens have the right to own and legally carry firearms, the crime rate within their state goes down.  Law abiding citizens can be trusted to responsibly exercise their Second Amendment right.  As a legislator I was endorsed by the National Rifle Association and received their highest rating.

Death Penalty
I support juries having the option of a death penalty for first degree murder.


  • Parents should have the right to choose the best education environment for their child, including public, charter, private schools and homeschooling.
  • Rural schools should not be closed for no other reason than being small.
  • Citizens, through their local school board, should have local control over their children’s school.
  • We should let teachers teach by eliminating excessive testing, unneeded and repetitive hours of in-service training, and too many extra duties having nothing to do with children learning. Experience and performance identify quality teaching; not credentialing programs.
  • I oppose state mandated Common Core, but would allow individual districts to determine which Common Core standards they consider valuable to their students.

I am completely opposed to Obamacare and expansion of Medicaid. It is not the role of the federal government to regulate our personal healthcare decisions.  Through free markets, individuals should make their own healthcare decisions without interference from the government.

I oppose the proposed 10 cent per gallon gasoline tax. Arkansas has some of the highest road taxes in the nation: current highway tax dollars are not being spent efficiently. While in the legislature I co-sponsored legislation that reduced a variety of taxes a combined total of approximately $230 million per year when fully implemented.

Fair Elections
I strongly favor legislation that requires citizens to show a picture I.D. to vote; and provide a free Voter I.D. Card for citizens who cannot afford another form of identification.